Journeying to wholeness, breaking through limitations

Motherhood, too often, is fraught with uncertainty.  Not just the usual uncertainty of life, but uncertainty about our choices and our worth.  Inherent in our role, mothers have great power, but is too often stunted at the outset by self doubt from within and undermining influences from without, at nearly every turn.  No matter what we choose, every step from conception to birth to postpartum to toddlerhood to school age and onward is full of criticism from many fronts, conflicting strong opinions shared by everyone from well-meaning friends and family, to the media, scientists, and strangers in the grocery store.  For those mothers who are trying hardest to make conscientious choices for their children, the inner critic is probably the loudest, and it is compounded as we look left and right at other women and other mothers’ choices and feel inadequate.  The only way we can stand in our power and be the force for incredible good that we are meant to be is to be able to silence the inner critic, to break through the lies we have believed about ourselves and our worth, allow ourselves to be individuals and divinely-informed experts on our own purposes and our own homes, and become Free and Joyful Creators!  We need to able to get to a place of absolutely certainty and leave all those voices in the dust.  Then as mothers we will not be giving up our power and life, but instead begin stepping into our most creative, powerful role yet, and into a life full of possibilities, not limitations!   That is what I want to help Mothers to do and what I am striving to do each day.


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