Dare to be…uncomfortable?

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit with several of the wonderful women in my church, and a few of them asked what Moms Empowered is all about.  It was so exhilarating to be able to express the thoughts of my heart to them and to have so many of them express similar feelings and struggles in motherhood and the need for this message. I was able to share some of the false beliefs I had been under for years and the depression I had grappled with and confusion, and why being empowered as a mother is so important to me. I felt so refreshed and relieved after talking with them.  I so appreciate the support and encouragement they gave me to continue sharing.

Right after I started this blog and put it out there to friends and family, I was so nervous that maybe I was the only one who felt this way and had these struggles, and that maybe others would not be accepting or even might judge my message.  (I worry about what others think too much – that is an area I am working on freeing myself from!) I felt like, who am I to be sharing this message?  I am so not perfect and still just trying to be empowered in my own life and be the kind of mother I want to be.

Our conversation left me thinking how freeing it is for us to share our struggles and weakness and needs with each other even if it might be uncomfortable.  It frees us from our compulsive need to put on a facade, it frees others to show their true selves, and it frees all of us to truly connect and help and support each other.  Which is what we all want.  But so often we choose instead to protect ourselves by painting on a happy face and making everything look perfect so our less than perfect parts won’t be revealed.

I loved this post I read on a lovely mother’s blog today that illustrates this:  http://martinamuir.com/2011/03/be-uncomfortable/

I want to be more brave, honest, and real in my life, and I know that uncovering those parts of me that are imperfect and uncomfortable to look at will allow more light in to heal those parts, and I can be empowered to be an instrument for good, even if I am not perfect.


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