Do you appreciate who you are?

Do you see others’ gifts easily but not your own?  Do you have a hard time seeing the good in the way you operate and embracing the gifts and qualities that come naturally to you?  Sometimes we think our strengths are actually weaknesses.  Maybe the things that make you different from others are actually the unique ways you can bless the world.  Sometimes I find that the hardest person to love and accept is myself.

This video includes a link to a blog I created a while back about energy profiling, which is a system that has helped me to recognize and embrace the type of person I am as well as understand and appreciate others better.  It’s helping me to understand my kids and husband and their natural ways of thinking and acting that are different than mine, too.

Whatever tools work for you to help you to look at yourself with kindness, use those.  Probably the best tool I have found is to ask God how he feels about me.  He is always much more kind to me than I am to myself, and he sees the ways that every part of me can be turned for my good, even if it seems like weakness to my eyes.


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