Transformational Journaling

I love keeping a journal. Writing my thoughts and inspirations makes things clearer for me, and it helps me to flesh out what I want to create and also learn from the past and remember the lessons I have been given. In this video, I share some of the ways I use a journal to create my life and connect with inspiration.
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One thought on “Transformational Journaling

  1. Alysia, I have a computer that is in great need of updating so I couldn’t listen to all your message, but I too have come to know for myself the value of journaling. In the stillness and quiet of journaling we can receive some of the deepest insights about ourselves. We can work things out in a way that we never thought would have been worked out. But as I have learned over the years, I get far more out of my experience if I take at least 20 minutes to journal and in that time, I find that things of the heart come forward… things that I may not have even known were down there. I journal my challenges and my prayers, my journey and my answer to prayers, and most anything that makes up my life so that my family may have insights long after I am gone. Journaling helped me not only to be able to cope through some of the most difficult journeys of my life, but helped me to gain inspiration and insights that I might have gone without otherwise. It helped me to stay balanced and focused and helped to clear baggage that I didn’t even know was in there.

    In the struggle to learn to love and appreciate and accept myself, due to my early challenges as a young child in an extremely unbalanced home, one night I was writing in my journal. I remember getting the inspiration to write things I loved or liked about myself. At first, this seemed to be a challenge. The thoughts came slowly, but as I persisted with the thought, I just wrote things about me in general… I am an outdoors girl, blue jeans, barefoot, and would rather be cutting the lawn as to cleaning the house. I love nature and animals. Trees. I feel at home in nature…. I love my feminine nature, I love my children…etc…. I have to admit, by the end of this exercise in getting to know myself, I reread the list, which by the way extended on for 3 pages in my journal, I was thinking, I wish I could meet someone just like me with whom to share my friendship. That may sound a little big headed. I don’t mean for it to. But I found out I liked myself and my qualities much more than I had ever thought before. I value the time with my journal and each journal is like making a new friend and when you come to the end of your pages, you kind of feel like you don’t want to leave this book. You can always revisit, but guess what? You get to go on to make a new chapter. A new book and you get to know yourself at a much deeper level.

    Yes, I have a very deep testimony of what journaling can do and be for a person. Thanks for allowing women a place to share their thoughts on this blog. Love to you and yours… Kim

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