Learning by doing

Any breakthroughs I have ever experienced have included an element of action, not just learning and knowing. The elements of having a mentor, someone to be accountable to, and actions to take to put what I am learning to work make all the difference.

So, I’m going to try something new with my blog posts. As I’ve said, I’m a student of myself and this blog is largely a learning project for me. But in case you are out there wanting to make a change and not just read about the changes I am going through, I want to add something to my blog posts from now on. I am going to add ACTION ITEMS: exercises you can do if you choose that can help bring the ideas in each post into reality in your life. I would love to hear about your experiences if you choose to participate. Thanks for joining in the journey!

Here’s our first Empowering Action: Think about a breakthrough you would like to experience or something you need in your life. What do you need to accomplish this? Where might you find help to do it? Is there a mentor, book, practice, or resource that would help you to do this? What would it take to make that happen? Write down what results you want and start looking and praying for the change you seek to come to you.


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