What is success part 2

I got a lot of great feedback from you, friends, about what success means to you.  I have been pondering your words and what my markers of success are.  Your thoughts were so great and helpful to me that I wanted to share some of them here:

What is Success to you?

Success to me means being able to actually find joy in your day – no matter what you are doing or what the interpretation of what you are doing is to anyone else. It’s YOUR day, the Lord gave it to you. Make it successful for YOU. For me, it’s knowing that I helped someone in need.  -Dianne

Success, to me, is sort of individual. We are successful if we feel that we are making steps toward becoming the type of person we want to be. On a greater level, I think we are successful in life if we are making progress toward becoming a better person, kinder, more perceptive of others’ problems and natures, and if we do something that makes the world a better place. -Rachel

I think to me, it changes daily. Sometimes I feel I was successful just because I survived another day as a parent. Other days, I do everything i needed/wanted to do and feel the same success. Really it’s about striving for something each day, weather it be bigger or smaller than the previous day, and TRYING to accomplish it. We’re not asked to be the perfect person, parent, etc. We’re just asked to try our hardest. -Whitney

Balance. As long as I have balance in my life and keep my priorities as my core then I am a success. – Barbara

Peace within my family and myself. I feel accomplished when I get a lot done, I’m trying to curb that and believe time spent with friends and family is “accomplishing” something too. – Tresta

I read a quote by Earl Nightingale just this morning…his definition of success is the “continuing pursuit of a worthy ideal.” In the article I read it from they concluded that success is not a destination, but a purposeful journey. I have to agree! – Natalie

One aspect of success that I seek is to elevate all those around me. -Kristine

Inner Peace.  – Liz  

It seems like the theme of the answers I have received, both from inside myself and from you, is that markers of success have less to do with what can be seen on the outside and more to do with what is on the inside, the intention and courage and diligence of continuing in faith toward what we want to be, and having our hearts right with others.  I especially loved the idea of Joy and Peace as markers of success!  How often in striving to prove ourselves successful do we create the opposite of joy and peace in ourselves!  We stress ourselves out and tear ourselves down trying to make things perfect around us and be all the things we feel obligated to be, when really we are here to create joy and share love and connect with each other and God.  It can be hard to distinguish what makes the difference in our feelings, since our actions might be similar or even the same whether we are doing them to measure up or because of love and desire.  But the focus and feeling behind them seem to be the key.   When I get caught up in the stress of trying to ‘measure up’ I have to stop and give myself a figurative hug and take a breath and say,  I am doing the best I know how.  Then I can open my eyes and see the good things I have missed in my rush to perfection.  I can stop and look in my kids’ eyes and enjoy them and remember my love for them.  I can stop and pray and feel God’s peace, and remember I only need to please him, not anyone else.  I can be led by inspiration to the most important actions.  I can take time to laugh, to play, and to be creative.  I can just BE and find out that my being me is more powerful than I realized, even without a frenzy of Doing.  Then I am thankful and content.  That’s a successful day.


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