Mama Masterminds!

I have been invited to be a presenter on Monday the 16th, at 11 AM Central time (10 Mountain, 9 Pacific, 12 Eastern) in the Mama Masterminds videoconference series.  I am excited to be sharing my message there!   All month these Masterminds are free to attend, and I would love to have you hop on and listen!  Each week there is a different mama featured and so far the messages have been Amazing!  I have learned so much from these conferences.  It’s a great way to get support and inspiration and develop ourselves as mothers reaching out to each other.

You don’t need any special equipment, once you register you’ll get your link and you just log on as a guest.  Toward the end there will be time for you to ask questions and get feedback and ideas to help you with whatever you need. I hope you will come be part of the conversation. Bring your perspective and share your gifts with other moms, we all have something to give and receive.

Go   here     to get registered for the videoconference!



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