Welcome to Moms Empowered

If you’re like most devoted Moms I know, you give your all to your family. You know that motherhood is the highest calling you can have. However, if you’re like most Moms I know, you may struggle sometimes to find joy, to feel like your own growth and interests matter, to feed your spirit and feel like you are becoming everything that you are meant to be. I experienced that struggle for many years. This blog was created to share what I learned and the principles that have helped me and other moms to break free, be the best moms and women we can be, and finally care for and develop ourselves, without leaving or hurting our families. Moms Empowered is about Nurturing yourself as you Nurture your Family.

I’m an ordinary mom (if you can call any mom ordinary) who believes we can make life and motherhood extraordinary by tapping into the unique gifts and power available to us.  This blog is meant to provide inspiration and strength to mothers in creating our most powerful life and becoming all that is within us to be.  By living and Mothering On Purpose, Feeding and Nourishing our Souls and developing our gifts, and staying connected to the source of Divine Power, we can Create Joy and freedom in Ourselves and our Families.

I invite you to download my gift to you – click the Free Audio link to the right for an inspirational recording where Liz King Bradley and I share our stories and 4 steps to help you find and Embrace your Power in Motherhood!

Let’s spread the movement to strengthen powerful, joyful mothering in our own homes and communities, and the world can’t help but be changed from inside out.

To your power and joy,


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