What’s your Focus Word for 2012?

A few years ago, I was inspired to find a single word that would be my focus for the year. Something easy to remember, that I could post in several places and repeat in my mind to help me stay honed in on my purpose and mission for that time. I find that having this one word helps keep me from getting lost in all the goals and to-do lists that inevitably heap up. I have been searching for the right word for this year. I list them here in hopes that maybe they will help others looking for their one perfect word.

Be Present. (ok, that’s two, but barely 🙂 )
Savor. (do you see a pattern here?)

Be True. (guilty again)


I am still pondering to know for sure, but I think the one I am settling on is this:

Because it means to be True at all times in all things, true to myself, to my purpose, to who I really am meant to be, to God, to my family, to the guidance I receive from the spirit and intuition. It means to be whole, complete, strong, sincere, and hold nothing back, to live what I teach, to be real and honest with myself and others, to love what I do and be wholehearted about it. To be totally obedient to truth with my heart and mind and not just actions. And that will bring peace and hope. That will bring connection and help me be present with my family and with God and in the moment. And having those things will bring Joy. I think Integrity encompasses all of the things I want most this year. It’s harder than it sounds, I think, and I’m sure it will be a daily challenge I’ll need divine help with. I have to confess, I tend to be an approval addict worried more about appearances rather than actually making my private actions and my heart line up with truth. Being is so much more than doing, and doing takes more than knowing. But it’s powerful and it’s what I want to embody more than ever.

Empowering Action:
What’s Your Focus Word? I would love to hear what you chose and why!


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