Experiencing Interference?

I am doing better this week than last week. I appreciate all the encouragement I received from friends and readers after writing this post. I read a quote hung on my friend’s wall the other day that sums things up pretty well for me: “When you Stumble, make it part of the Dance.” Well, I’ve done some stumbling steps lately and I’m learning it’s all part of the process of discovering how true the truth is and how much happier I can be when I am in harmony with it (and by contrast, how miserable it is when I’m not). I’m thankful for the reminders (though they have been a little painful).

I think the biggest truth that is coming through to me from both my stumbles and successes is that I really am nothing without God. I really need him to bless everything I do, and when I am too busy or too tired to ask for his help or just forget I need it, life will quickly remind me. I really don’t want to do anything without His blessing on it anyway. I need Him there to open the way, guide me, encourage me, forgive me, and to give me His gifts to share. Anything good comes from him, so if I want to do good I need to be connected to Him. Though I may have good plans and intentions, the world is fraught with interference all too happy to disrupt them, and I need the power that going with God provides. For every action, there is an opposite reaction, or opposition, and I need all the help I can get to move forward through the opposition that will come, especially in the important work of motherhood.

I’m reminded of an experience I had several months ago trying to make a recording for Moms Empowered with my friend, Liz. I had tried over and over to get on the teleconference line with the code she had given me, with no success. She sent it to me again, I repeated it back to her to make sure I had it right, and I carefully entered it repeatedly, with the same results. Finally, she suggested we both get off the phone and say a prayer that if it was God’s will that we make this recording that day, that he would clear the interference and help us connect to the conference. We did, and then I tried again. I got through right away. It might seem like a little thing, but to me it was a reminder that God wants to help us do our work, whatever it may be, and that life works better when we invite Him to bless our efforts at the outset. That’s what I was missing last week, as I struggled with sleep deprivation and stumbled through my days. I felt ‘behind’ on my days and ‘too busy’ to spend much time on my knees. Well, that can only go on a little while before I am driven to my knees to ask for help. The nice thing is, the Lord forgives and welcomes me each time I come back to him, regardless of how many times I have had to learn this same lesson. He heals the hurts I cause myself and even helps me forgive myself and move forward again.

Empowering Action: In everything you do, especially your work as a Mother, invite the Lord’s spirit and power to be with you. He can clear away the interference and give us power against opposition. He cares about the details and blesses where we ask.


4 thoughts on “Experiencing Interference?

  1. Alysia,
    Thank you for sharing your breakthrough and for pushing through it. It brings strength to others when we show that we have breakdowns and can make it through them. What a powerful mother and woman you are becoming.
    I too have had some pretty powerful break-downs, but I am on the mend and I am once again creating. I have my first event this next weekend where I have several of my hero mothers sharing their homeschool experiences together. I have a good group signed up and I’m so excited to be in creation again. I’m reminded of being in the hospital with my son and every day the doctors would come in and tell me another problem they were concerned about. I had prayed and knew there would be a happy ending so I put up my protection bubble and said, “Bring it on! I know the outcome no matter what it looks like today. So bring it on!!” I had strength then and I have strength now!! Bring it on! šŸ™‚
    Sure love that we are friends and can share our triumphs together.

  2. Thanks, Tresta, you are an inspiration and I am excited to hear about all you are creating! You are awesome. I love what you shared about focusing on the good outcome you knew was coming to help you through the present difficulties. Having that vision really does make a difference. It’s also great to have friends to remind us of our vision and help keep us going, thank you for that!

  3. We were reading in Jacob 5 this morning where the Lord of the vineyard was lamenting over the trees he was about to lose. He asked such a beautiful question “What could I have done more for my vineyard…for I have nourished it this long…” They decide to give it one final try and the list of “nourishment” was given–I was surprised to find “dung” was included! I asked my family–“So, part of the Lord’s definition of nourishment is…dung?” My family just laughed and started coming up with catchy phrases.
    From a gardener’s perspective though, it truly is one of the most essential ingredients for plants to flourish. I’ve always looked at opposition as a negative thing–but now, it’s seems a little more bearable when I think of saying, “well, this is kind of crappy…oh, wait, it’s suppose to be!” “I’m being dunged, I’m being dunged”

  4. Julieann, this is an awesome (and unusual) analogy! I never thought about it before but I guess if it’s good for the plants the ‘crappy parts’ of life can also be good for us and help us grow. Thanks for sharing what you learned. I love it.

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