Spiritual gifts of motherhood

I talk a lot about developing our gifts and not neglecting our talents while we are in the midst of motherhood. But in this post I want to talk about a different kind of gifts. Spiritual Gifts. I believe that all mothers are given special gifts of knowing, to benefit their children, and that most of us are probably living far below our privileges in accessing them. I know I have discounted them and forgotten them quite often. Some people call it Mother’s Intuition. I think that is a real thing, but it can even go beyond what we think of as Mother’s Intuition. I believe we are given a divine connection that starts before our children are even born, kind of like a spiritual umbilical cord that isn’t ever severed, and that those gifts can help us know them and what they need on a deeper level than they may even know themselves at times. Even mothers who have adopted their children can have this gift – I think it comes when a mother binds herself eternally to her child and commits to him/her. Taking on that mantle seems to include putting on these gifts.

Maybe you have experienced some scenarios like these: You get a sense that you should check on your little one, and find that they were needing you right at that moment. Or, your child is sick and you know what is wrong and exactly what they need, even if it’s different than what the doctor’s best guess is. Or, your child is acting out and all outward signs point to one problem, but your heart tells you that the real problem is something entirely different. These are gifts of knowing – powerful gifts of motherhood.

Recently, I met an amazing mama who teaches mothers how to access and use these spiritual gifts more often and more powerfully. Her name is Abby Purcell and she has a wonderful blog called Connecting with your Kids.
She taught me that when I am struggling with one of my children (which I have been), even if he won’t speak to me, I can learn to tap into inspiration and connect with him on a spiritual level, to understand what he truly needs, to communicate my love from heart to heart, and to invite God’s healing in for both of us. It was so empowering to discover that these opportunities are always available to me, whether my kids are near or far, and I could feel a real change in the way I was feeling toward the child I had struggled with. I think he felt something shift as well, because he came and gave me a big hug at the end of the day and just chatted with me, and we really enjoyed eachother’s company rather than arguing and/or avoiding each other. I know that a lot of it started with my intention and effort to find a way to connect with him, but I was amazed at the power and gifts of knowing that are available when we seek for them. I am very grateful to Abby for the lessons in tapping into these gifts to bless my family. What she taught me was simple, but profound.

It’s easy to discount the inner knowing and spiritual gifts we have, and think everyone else knows better than we do what is right for our kids. We can google our questions, poll our friends and family, and read every book on parenting we can find. Learning is always valuable, but we need to also trust the gifts we have been given as mothers to be able to seek and know in our hearts what is best. We have divine help available to help us with every question, and gifts to know and see, if we ask and believe. That is powerful mothering.

Empowering Action: Ponder these questions: Have you had experiences where you have followed ‘Mother’s Intuition? What spiritual gifts have you found you are given to help you in mothering? How do you develop and make use of them? How have they helped you to become a more powerful mother?


3 thoughts on “Spiritual gifts of motherhood

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  3. Alysia, nice post. I did read this when you had originally posted in, and did again just now, but I would love to visit with you and learn more about the things you learned from Abby.

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