Mothers are Light-bearers

A beautiful vision was brought to my mind recently, as I was studying my scriptures and pondering what I am creating as a mother and what my legacy could be.  A picture came to my mind of the world at night, and our little home there surrounded by darkness, but lit from within, the windows glowing with the light inside.  I saw light pouring down from heaven as if it were going down into the house through the roof as well.  Our family was safe inside, doing the ‘ordinary’ things we do together, oblivious to the darkness outside and the way the light in our windows attracted the attention of others like moths to a lamp.  I saw that there were forces of darkness and forces of light, and both took notice of the light coming from our home.  The darkness circled to try to invade, but there were angels of light guarding and watching.  The simple acts of faith and prayer, and feelings of love, joy and unity, increased the light in our home, while contention and apathy caused it to dissipate.

We don’t realize how much is at stake in the very ordinary seeming work that we do as mothers in our homes.  We all want to make a difference in the world, and leave our mark.  We want to feel like what we do matters to others.  When we are in our homes it may seem like no one will ever notice what we do, and it isn’t anything special to be washing dishes and changing diapers and holding babies.  But I believe that if we could see the vast armies of those who have gone before us, and the unseen forces both of good and evil, we would realize that wars are being fought over our so-called ordinary lives and families because we are establishing kingdoms of power and increasing light exponentially through generations, if we succeed in filling our homes with the light of Christ, his power, truth, and love.

We are really living on the edge if we fail to ask for his help and protection each day!  We forget we are at war and that we are key players as mothers.  But what we are doing is a big deal!  We don’t need to fear the darkness or focus on the enemy, but we do need to focus on the light and increasing our power through constant communication with the Lord.

I like the word ‘light-bearers’ that one of my mentors, Marnie Pehrson, shared with me.  I noticed the other day how this could also be connected with motherhood and bearing children.  I thought of the last time I bore a child.  My little baby girl was born at home, and on the evening she was born, one of my good friends stopped by just minutes after the birth, not knowing she was born yet.  She said that the minute the door opened, she could feel such a strong feeling of light and power coming from inside our house that she knew the baby must have been born even before anyone told her.  Now, I have always felt like there were angels attending and an amazing rush of light and power at the births of my children, but I thought that was because I was the one who had experienced birth and I was so in love with my baby, and the new mother hormones were rushing in, and all that.  But my friend’s experience confirmed to me that someone outside could feel that, too, and it is real, and that every child that is added to our family brings an added measure of light and power and glory to our family.

If you want to light the world, above all light your home and fortify it!   A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, especially if all around it is dark, the light will be noticed and people will flock to it!  Your family is your city, your kingdom, and your inheritance!  These are the world you will inherit and your influence throughout eternity will be carried forth through them.  When we get to the next life and all the material things we have worked to build are gone, the only lasting monument we will have created is in our motherhood, and our relationships, and the ways we have shared our heart, mind, and soul with others and passed on part of ourselves through them.

Mothers who know they are light-bearers know they are accomplishing something of eternal value in the little things they do, and trust there will be rewards they can’t see right away.  They will be happier because they know what they are doing is building something that lasts beyond their lifetime and that they aren’t alone – angels are assisting their work and they are receiving power from above.  They know every talent they develop and every new thing they learn will strengthen their abilities to carry out their mission.  They tend to their own hearts as well as their families, and do the things that fortify and bring joy, not for selfish reasons or escapism, but purposefully in order to be stronger and better able to serve those they love.  They know that their work, of all the work in the world, will make an eternal difference and is the monument they can create that will last forever.

Some questions to ponder:
Click here for a PDF of questions to think and write about.  This was a valuable exercise that I was inspired to do to help translate the feeling of this vision into actions and a change of focus in my everyday life and mothering.  I hope it is valuable for you as well!


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