A Happy Mother

Happy Mother’s day!  As I reflect on the past year or so and the things I’ve learned, I am grateful to be a Happy Mother.  It has not always been easy for me to be a happy mother.  Being a mother was what I knew was right and good all along, but for a long time I lacked the vision needed to infuse my life’s work with the joy and purpose I hungered for.  Around the time my last baby was born, I decided that happiness was important in my motherhood, not just obedience, and that I was determind to find the way to happiness as a mother.  I spent many hours on my knees asking God to help me to catch the vision of motherhood that I knew I needed, to know that I was on the path to becoming everything within me to be and nothing less, and to help me feel on fire and passionate about the life and calling that He had given me.

It didn’t happen right away, but as I look back on the past year and half, I am amazed at how God has taught me, line upon line, and brought insight and teachers and testimony into my heart line upon line, until I can honestly say that I am on fire about being a mother.  I am passionate about the power and influence of motherhood and so honored to be placed in the position of a mother.  I can see the incredible reach throughout generations and across time, as well as to those around me, and the amazing opportunities for learning and growth that I have as a mother, that I would not have in any other profession.  Where once I felt I was missing out on much of life, I am in awe of how much life is placed in my hands, as a bearer of life, a nurturer of life, and a recipient of so much life all around me in my home!  While I still have hard days like any mother does, and sometimes want to get away, I have a drive and a surety about what I am here to do now that fills me with satisfaction that wasn’t there before.  This blog is just a small reflection of the amazing change God has been working in my heart over the past few years and the fact that I am experiencing motherhood in this way now is the culmination of many prayers and frustration and tears over 15 yrs of time.  I am so grateful to God for his goodness in teaching me when I was ready.  He is so patient and truly makes up all that has been lost in the past when we come to him for healing and seek new eyes to see.

I am a Happy Mother.  Praise be to God!

I hope, with his help, to help many others to be Happy Mothers too.  Happiness does matter, mine does, and yours does, and it matters to God – a truth I discover more each day.


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