Make a little dream come true

This morning, my 5 yr old daughter popped her head into my room and asked if she could snuggle in the bed for a minute. As she settled in next to me, I asked her how she slept and if she had good dreams. She said, “Yes, I dreamed about our family!” “What were we doing?” I asked. “Playing!” she answered. I realized we have not done a whole lot of playing the past few weeks. Working together, yes. Watching the olympics and going places, yes. But we haven’t done much playing together. It sort of made me sad that she was only experiencing that in her dreams, so I decided that, first thing this morning, we would play together as a family and make her dream come true. We put on music and danced, played charades, and some other favorites. And you know what? I have been more productive so far today than I was on all those other days when I insisted that we had to get the house clean and all of our duties done before we could play together. It put energy into me and made it easy to attack those jobs with vigor and find an element of fun. Best of all, my daughter feels my love and there are smiles on all our faces.

What dreams do you have? Do you have some little dream, something that would feel so good to do but always comes in last on the priority list, like taking a walk and sitting under a tree to read, or painting a picture, going dancing, or taking a class? Or maybe a big dream, like traveling the world or writing a bestseller? How hard would it be to take one step to make one of those dreams come true today? Maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you took 30 minutes to go sit under that tree, or if you put $5 in a jar to start your travel fund. Maybe it wouldn’t take away from your family. Maybe it could even make everyone’s day better and more productive by putting a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and acknowledging that you are worth loving and your dreams are important.

Empowering Action: Find one small step to making a dream come true for you, and for one someone in your home today, and try to do both in the next couple of days. Try it, it’s fun making dreams come true, for others and for yourself!


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