About Moms Empowered

What is Moms Empowered about?

It started with a desire within myself to be empowered.  Not to have power over others, but to feel that I had power to create my life, increase my joy, live my dreams and serve in my family and home in a purposeful way.  I spent too much time as a mother feeling powerless, at the mercy of whatever challenges and responsibilities came into my life, whatever everyone else wanted from me at any given moment.  I was stuck in false beliefs that, because so many people depended on me, then everyone else in my life could dictate my choices based on their needs.  I didn’t realize that I was always free to choose, and that by waking up to the freedom I had and choosing in to my life and mission, and by creating an inspired vision for my life and my family, I could do what was right for both me and my family, and know with a certainty what those right things were.  That is the power I was seeking, and that is what I continue to seek each day.  It’s about breaking through to a place of certainty and deliberate living.  It’s about freedom and joy.

Most of all Empowerment is about accessing the power that is available to us through the Spirit.  A mother has so many things before her to do that it is impossible to do every good thing there is to choose.  For everything we say yes to there are many things we have to say no to at that moment.  How do we choose?  How do we know that what we are choosing is best?  How can we go forward confidently, joyfully, and without worry that maybe we are missing something important?  We can’t find certainty by looking at others and copying them.  Moms know that each day brings different challenges and no one-size fits all formula works for every day.  There are times for creating and organizing our homes, for focusing on certain relationships, for taking time out with a spouse, for snuggling our babies, for taking time to develop talents, for cleaning, for reaching out to friends, and many, many more.  Only by connecting with the Source of power and the One who sees and knows the perfect vision for our lives can we see that vision ourselves and commit to it.

Empowerment is being plugged in to the Source of Power and reaching out for guidance in each moment, then trusting and obeying as it comes.  It can be scary sometimes, especially when the Spirit says to read a story to your child instead of do the dishes when you know someone is coming over and will see your mess, or when you feel prompted to take a Mommy time out instead of pushing through to get things done on your to-do list.  I often choose according to my fear instead of according to the spirit.  When I do, that is when I feel powerless, like I am running to and fro with no will or vision of my own.

Breaking barriers of fear and living motivated by a sense of mission and purpose is empowerment and joy.  That is what I want for myself and every mother.  For every person, really, but by empowering mothers we empower all people, because we are all raised by mothers and our lives are shaped by what is learned in our homes.  I can’t offer empowerment to anyone.  I am simply seeking it myself and it strengthens me to share what I am learning along the way, and maybe it will strengthen some of you, too.  The purpose of this blog and my work here is to point myself and others toward the Source of true power in our lives, and the freedom and joy I believe we all can have when we let love and spirit drive our choices every day.  That is my hope and my goal.

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