Mama Masterminds!  Get online inspiration for motherhood live every week with amazing coaches and speakers, via videoconference.  I am honored to be one of the presenters on these





Liz King Bradley is a life coach and a Mom with a message of healing, for women, mothers, marriages, and families:


Abby Purcell’s Connect With Your Kids teaches parents how to connect on a deeper, more powerful level with their children and create heart change.

The Power of Moms is an organization with amazing events, programs, and great articles to feed a mother’s soul:The Power of Moms


Heather Madder is a coach for changemakers and co-creator of the Wake Up Academy. I have learned a lot from her coaching and she has helped me become more empowered as a mother. Her blog is at
For Moms who have a message to share, get a free recording to help you reach many people very quickly: Heather Madder Seven Secrets


HomeMade Learning is all about living, loving, and learning at home, and features beautiful articles by my good friend, Tia:

Stacy Harmer the Bounce Back Coach is an inspiring example of joy in the face of adversity and she has helped me in many ways through one of her programs. See her blog here:

The Mormon Mommy Madness is a blog just for LDS Moms, dedicated to helping overcome perfectionism and find peace in Mothering through the gospel:

Mom Essentials is a wealth of information on natural health, cooking, teaching children, and family life, created by my good friend, Jenni:

Carolyn Murphy’s Family Tree Quest is dedicated to inspiring positive change in family lines. Be a Generational changemaker!

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