My Message

Mothers are meant to be powerful. We have the most influential position in the world.  Yet so many mothers feel disempowered.  We have more choices than any generation before us, yet we feel less sure of our choices.  We spend more time researching and have access to more knowledge about raising our children, yet we feel more uncertainty.  We are more committed than ever to doing what is best for our kids but less confident that we know what that is.  We are more needed than ever but feel like we can’t make a difference.  We are more free than ever to make our dreams come true, but we limit ourselves more than ever by our beliefs.  We look left and right for validation, when God and our souls would bathe us in honor for what we do as mothers and creators if we would only believe the message.  I hope to quiet the voices that drown out that divine approval, to show mothers that we are free to choose, free to create, and that by choosing motherhood we are not choosing to give up who we are but to become who we are more powerfully than ever before.  I want to strip away the philosophies of men that have been so often mingled with scripture and confused us about God’s view of mothers.  I strive to become a living example that committed, conscientious motherhood and creation are one and the same, that mothers who know are mothers who create and invest in and value their precious eternal worth and who do not belittle their message and mission but live it!  I believe that this will only bless our families to be everything that we have it within us to be, and that we have it within us to be like the most creative being in the universe, and that our Heavenly parents desire us to live the fullest measure of our creation!  Mothers are meant to be powerful creators in every way, and not just after the kids grow up!  Empowering Motherhood is my message and purpose.  And I will begin with myself.

Alysia @ Moms Empowered

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